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eGenetics is an online administration platform for those who work in the animal genetics industry. The platform can be used to gather relevant information related to flushing, straw management, embryo management and then used to generate the relevant paper work required as part of the process.

The eGenetics  online platform can be accessed from anywhere with internet capabilities. The platform is also mobile friendly.  This system also manages the data in a clean and effective manner so that embryologists can make best use of historical data at the touch of a button.

Are you tired of:

  • Spending many hours doing menial data entry / paperwork
  •  Losing / misplacing data
  •  Being unable to make more use of the information that’s generated from the business
  •  Wasting money on administration


Contact us today to arrange a demo and we will demonstrate how eGenetics can help your business and save you money.



Access from any internet enabled device



Easy to manage & udpate



Reduce data re-entries



Improve business & animal analytics

Client Testimonial

Brid & Richard Duff – Owners, Champion Embryo, Co. Laois

“We own a bovine embryo transfer business in Co.Laois called Champion Embryos. We have a large clientele base with clients from all over the country. As our business has grown there has been an ever-increasing pressure with regard to administration and paperwork.

In 2014 we contacted Pat Kennedy at eConcepts to develop an easy to use platform which could reduce the time required doing paper work. The programme which Pat and his team developed has been very useful and as time goes on, time spent on paperwork is reduced.

In the beginning, as each donor cow or sire used is entered it can be slow but as donors etc. are returning all the info is already in the system and so the time spent on paperwork is reduced. The programme is especially useful for frozen embryos because as you enter an embryo thawed out the amendment form is filled out automatically and the embryo is removed automatically from the tank. All our registration and amendment forms are now emailed to the relevant societies. There is no more double form filling.

There are many more useful aspects to this programme such as finding any information on any flush or transplant in seconds. No more searching through files if (in the unlikely event!!!) a farmer loses his paperwork. Recording previous histories on each donor is also a very useful tool. We have now been using the platform for over 6 months and we are extremely happy with it. As time goes by and more data is entered it will become even more useful.

It has significantly reduced the administration workload for our business. It allows us to research our stock and clients far easier and it also provides us with important datasets & trends which allow us to provide a superior quality service to our clients.

I have no hesitation in recommending eConcepts and their web based automation tool for the genetics sector.



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